“Are you the company that calls me at 6:15 pm every evening?”

No, that wouldn’t be us…
But unfortunately, we can’t deny that Duct cleaning has resided around the less scrupulous areas of the cleaning industry for way too long!

That doesn’t negate the fact, however, that indoor air quality (IAQ) is a major factor in the health of our families, and the forced air systems in our homes may be harboring contaminants that could cause serious problems for people with respiratory health conditions, autoimmune disorders or some environmental allergies.

Unlike those 6:15 pm callers, we have extensive processes, such as our 33 Step Duct Cleaning Process and 15-Step Sanitizing/Deodorizing Process (see both below), to ensure that your family enjoys safe, clean, and fresh air in your home! And remember, when an HVAC system is clean, it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the air-flow required, resulting in less energy being used and more money in your pocket!

We are also proud to own the newest and most powerful duct truck in the industry!

Please also inquire about our Dryer Vent Cleaning and Air Conditioner Unit Cleaning services.


33 Step Duct Cleaning Process:

1. Test and inspect the furnace and air system
2. Seal off vents with magnet covers for maximum isolation
3. Protect walls and floors
4. Turn off the system
5. Inquire about air balancing and mark dampener
6. Create an access point in hot air trunk
7. Pre-inspection of hot air system
8. Protect coil and furnace with airbag
9. Connect suction to hot air trunk (create negative air)
10. Place the protective mat in front of the vent, vacuum register opening
11. Adjust register damper to allow maximum airflow
12. Using compressed air and whips, clean individual vents using compressed air (and negative air), blow out individual vents throughout the house
13. Re-adjust damper and vent settings for the balance system. Adjust airflow for balancing of the system
14. Using air snake, whips or brushes clean hot air trunk
15. Send reverse blowing skipper ball up individual hot air trunk for additional cleaning
16. Create suction at furnace face
17. Clean blower compartment
18. Using direct compressed air, clean fins of blower rotating blower (with air for 30 seconds each side and direction)
19. Post inspection of hot air system
20. Pre-test furnace function
21. Create an access point to the cold air return
22. Pre-inspection of the cold air return
23. Connect suction to the cold air return
24. Using compressed air, whips or brushes (and negative air) blow out individual cold air returns throughout the house
25. Using air snake, whips, or brushes, clean cold air return trunk
26. Post-inspection of the cold air return
27. Remove filter
28. Replace filter (clean reusable ones or replace with a new one if provided by client)
29. Inspect cold air return trunk
30. Inspect and adjust dampener
31. Seal up system
32. Turn the system on and test
33. Remove all magnetic covers

15-Step Sanitizing/Deodorizing Process:

  1. Ensure the HVAC system is clean before applying the Sanitizing Process
  2. Ensure customer approves the scent – hospital-grade all-natural bio botanical sanitizer
  3. Apply only with a wet fogger to ensure all crevices of the system are appropriately treated
  4. Connect truck vacuum to hot air trunk
  5. Treat individual vents a minimum of 10 seconds each
  6. Wipe individual vent covers with sanitizer
  7. Connect to cold air trunk
  8. Treat individual cold air vents a minimum of 20 seconds
  9. Wipe individual vent covers with sanitizer
  10. Hot air trunk – fog in all individual access holes to ensure the main trunk is appropriately treated
  11. Cold air trunk – fog in all individual access holes to ensure the main trunk is appropriately treated
  12. Keep the system off for 10 minutes for the product to dwell
  13. Wipe down furnace compartment
  14. Clean up all equipment
  15. Turn on furnace

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