“do you clean area rugs at my home or take them away?”

A good question with a predictable answer: it depends!

While we can effectively clean many rug types on-site, there are additional benefits to off-site cleaning that often make their removal from your home and office the preferred method. Here is a glimpse into the A-Z of of the off-site cleaning process…

Once your rug is picked up and brought to our facility, it is measured and examined for staining, soiling and potential fibre compromise.
Stage 1 is to de-dust the rug with our mechanised Beater system. (it is not uncommon for an 8×10 rug to hold 2-3 pounds of dry soil!!) This helps eliminate loose soil, dust and other particles that could contain bacteria.

In the second stage of the cleaning process, your rug is soaked with water and a mild PH balanced detergent. The entire process is done by hand and gentle mechanical brushing with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. The rug (carpet) is washed in fresh (non-recycled) water.

During the third stage of the process, your rug (carpet) goes through our rinse cycle using approximately 2000 gallons of clean (non-recycled) water per hour to eliminate soap residue, dirt, and soil. This process helps reduce allergy symptoms.

In the fourth stage, your rug is fed through two massive ringers at 140 psi to squeeze the water out of the rug. At this point an inspection takes place. If we are not satisfied with the results we repeat stages 2 through 4 until a satisfactory result is achieved.

In the fifth and final stage, your rug is hung in our temperature and humidity-controlled, drying tower which helps your rug retain its original shape while drying quickly and eliminating the risk of mold or mildew.