Why Choose Our Offsite Rug Spa Cleaning Services?

Many companies will state that area rugs can be cleaned equally effectively on-site. While there are extenuating circumstances that require us to clean an area rug at a client’s home or business, off-site cleaning is overwhelming the most effective method. Here is a quick look why.

Our Offsite Rug Cleaning Process:

        1.     Pre-Wash Inspection: Examined for wear and tear, insect damage, dye run and stains.

        2.     Full Dry Soil Removal: Mechanized removal of dust and loose particulate.

        3.     Initial Rinsing: Submerged in our specialized washing pit for optimal rinsing.

        4.     Washing: Selection of the most effective, fibre-based, cleaning solutions.

        5.     Agitation: Tailored agitation methods to ensure all sides of the fibres are fully cleaned.

        6.     Rinsing: Fresh water rinse of remaining contaminants and cleaning solutions.

        7.     Finish: Final acid rinse to correct the PH, prevent browning, and maintain a soft texture.

        8.     Drying: Completed rugs are hung and speed dried with the aid of commercial fans and dehumidifiers 

        9.     Post-Clean Inspection: Detailed final inspection before packaging for delivery.

      We always recommend applying our ZebraSeal Premium Protection after cleaning, that includes a unique 2-Year Spot & Spill Limited Warranty!  These penetrating sealers will greatly assist in the protection and maintenance of your rug, by combatting spills and regular soiling.

Choose The Cleaning Guy for a premium offsite rug cleaning experience that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring the longevity and beauty of your cherished rugs. Fill out the form below for a free rug spa estimate.

Minimum service charge starts at $195 for pick up and delivery. 30% off if you drop off at our plant.