Commercial Upholstery & Office Partitions: Cleaning and Protection Services

Professional cleaning of upholstery and office partitions as part of an overall Planned Maintenance Program will help control the indoor air quality of your facility. We use specialized equipment and green cleaning solutions that are safe to use on all fabric types. 

Obvious fact: It is more important than ever to create safe, hygienic, work environments for your employees. 

Workstations are often manufactured with synthetic fibers that filter allergens and indoor environmental pollutants. As a result, the workplace can be a major factor in causing allergies and other health problems. 

As in residential applications, the application of fabric protection will extend the life of office furnishings and protect them from stains becoming permanent.

Find out more about our own ZEBRASeal line of premium protectors.

Please include as much detail as possible, including the square footage, size of items, specific stains, pet concerns, etc.

Minimum service charge starts at $295