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“Hey Cleaning Guy! How are you different?”

We think we are very different!

All major textile manufacturers like Shaw Industries are in agreement that “hot water extraction” with maximum moisture and residue removal, is the only truly, effective method that consistently and successfully removes foreign particulate from textiles.
Hot Water Extraction equipment can range from portable machines that use the in-house power and water of the residence or office, to basic truck powered equipment that derives its power from the truck engine. While truck mounted equipment is significantly more powerful and has greater extraction capability than portable equipment, not all truck mounts are created equal.

As the mandate of the Cleaning Guy Inc. is to “To deliver the most outstanding service experience possible and to be regarded as the finest and most respected cleaning company in the Greater Toronto Area,” we felt that we had to invest in the best equipment in the world to achieve that goal.

See the Big Truck

Choose the Big Truck!

In 2004 we went looking for the most powerful carpet cleaning equipment in the world and our search took us to Salt Lake City, Utah where we found the incredible “Vortex” cleaning system, widely recognised in the flooring industry as “The World’s Most Powerful Cleaning Machine”

Today we are the only private company in Canada to own the Vortex and this investment has secured our position as one of the emerging leaders in the Canadian Floor Care Service Industry.