One of the most difficult commercial flooring surfaces to clean in a sanitary way are tile floors.

While the most common cleaning method in most establishments is the good old bucket and mop, tile flooring, and more specifically the grout lines surrounding the tiles are very problematic when cleaned by this method.

The water in a mop bucket becomes soiled and unsanitary very quickly and as the grout lines on a tile floor sit lower than the tile, this soiled water sits in the grout lines and contaminates them.

From a health standpoint, mold and mildew can easily grow in damp areas and can raise potential health and safety concerns, while from a visual standpoint, these absorbent grout lines will discolor and ruin the look of the floor.

Proper identification of the types of tile installed is essential when an outside company is retained to perform an annual or semi-annual restorative clean of tile flooring, as some flooring can be damaged by using products that are high in either acidity or alkalinity.

The Cleaning Guy’s trained and certified technicians are able to identify your flooring type, whether it be natural stone such as serpentine, granite, and marble or man-made items such as porcelain and ceramics so that we can use the correct products to clean your floors safely and effectively.

We have a wide range of cleaners that are safe, water-based, and free from harmful VOCs! They will not damage either natural or man-made stone as well as working with, not against, the sealers we apply!

We use the power of the BIG TRUCK to literally melt away and remove soils and stains from your natural and man-made tiles and restore those grout lines back to their original color & beauty

Just watch as we restore a tiled floor….

Floors that are cleaned and restored can be maintained much more effectively by sealing the tiles. High-performance, water-based, penetrating sealers form an invisible barrier that provides maximum protection against the toughest oil and water-based stains on both natural and man-made stones. By the way, we can seal that stunning countertop that you just installed!!

Find out more about our line of surface protectors, ZebraSeal.

*We don’t like using disclaimers, but when it comes to tile cleaning, we need to offer a couple. Our process will almost always remove surface soiling from grout. However, if the grout is STAINED, then no amount of cleaning will remove marks that have penetrated into the grout. Secondly, black mildew, often found in older bathroom areas will almost never be removed by cleaning. Finally, if the grout is loose, cracked, or compromised in any way, due to the “controlled power wash” element of the cleaning process, some grout may be dislodged in cleaning. While we carefully pre-inspect the floor, sometimes grout that looks fine is actually weak and disconnected from the tile.
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