The Cleaning Guy Inc. is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Lyle at Guardian Flameproofing. Following Lyle’s retirement last year, numerous clients in our designer network expressed interest in our entry into the flameproofing sector. This transition aligns seamlessly with our 35-plus years of experience as a service-oriented company catering to hundreds of designers and retail establishments. Our forte lies in cleaning and protecting fine furnishings and fabrics, making flameproofing a natural extension of our expertise. Notably, protecting fabric rolls is a routine service for us, and the flameproofing process mirrors our existing methods and equipment.

While we’ve always prided ourselves on delivering top-tier services in our market, we recognized the need for additional expertise to meet both our high standards and government regulations in the fireproofing industry. This is where Lyle, with over 38 years of dedicated service, comes in. In our initial discussions, Lyle expressed his delight at the prospect of filling the void left by his retirement and ensuring his longstanding clients continue to receive exemplary service here in Canada.

We firmly believe that this partnership will bring immense value to all stakeholders involved, preserving this critical service within Canada and leveraging Lyle’s decades of experience for the benefit of all. Stay tuned, as flameproofing details will soon be integrated into our ZebraSeal protection services.