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The BIG Truck: A Cleaning Machine

We guarantee that when you see the BIG truck in operation, you will be wide awake!!

“I get it…you have a BIG truck… yawn!”

We guarantee that when you see the BIG truck in operation, you will be wide awake!! In 2004 we went looking for the most powerful carpet cleaning equipment in the world and our search took us to Salt Lake City, Utah where we found the “The World’s Most Powerful Cleaning Machine”. Founder Mike Holmes was so convinced that this truck would change the face and impact of The Cleaning Guy Inc. that he flew down to Utah and drove back 3500km in what would be the first privately owned “Vortex” in Canada! Today we feature the Aerotech XT, which we call “the Vortex on steroids” and this investment, has secured our position as one of the emerging leaders in the Canadian Floor Care Service Industry.
The machine is capable of cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, and at a production rate unmatched by any competition. It has rightfully earned and maintained its reputation as “The World’s Most Powerful Cleaning Machine” amongst carpet cleaning professionals since its introduction to the industry. Consider this:
  • It is the only mass-produced mobile cleaning machine in the world capable of running entirely upon clean-burning bio-diesel fuel and capturing wasted energy from its own engine exhaust to heat water.
  • Compare the Aerotech vacuum system to others in the industry: carpets dry more than twice as fast!
  • Powerful removal of deep down soils from your carpets, furniture and tile means longer product life and greater intervals between cleaning!
  • The high heat capability destroys contaminants in carpets, furniture and tile.
  • Safe for both wool and nylon carpets, an environmentally friendly approach.