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Cottage Cleaning

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Your Home, Your Castle: Your Cottage, Your Retreat…

For many people, the cottage is no longer a small cabin tucked away in the woods; instead it
would be more aptly described as a “weekend home”, a place where the luxuries &
conveniences of the city meet the beauty and splendour of the great outdoors!

As wonderful as it is to have a weekend retreat home, cottage country can also present a
number of challenges when it comes to maintaining your prize investment. Service companies
are not always readily available and those that are, may not be geared to service higher-end

Over the years, our GTA clients that trust and love the Cleaning Guy experience, have asked us
to come up and provide that same experience in their cottages. While it is not always
economically viable for us to service smaller cottages, it is not uncommon for our clients to
have “city sized” homes that require specialized cleaning. These are some of the services that
we can provide:

  • Wall to wall carpet cleaning, deodorizing and protecting
  • On-site area rug cleaning and protecting
  • Tile, stone & grout cleaning and sealing.
  • Wood floor cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning and protecting
  • Patio furniture cleaning.
  • Duct cleaning and sanitizing/deodorizing
  • Power washing.

You trust the Cleaning Guy with your city home: why not trust us with your cottage too?
Call today! We would love to meet your out of town cleaning needs.