A Note from Mike Holmes

 March 2020

With every business, organization and facility reeling in the face of Covid-19, we are all forced to slow down and create new life “rhythm’s” as we wait out what may well be the greatest disruption to our lives and lifestyles that any of us have ever experienced. We are learning to press “pause” on so many of our staples, as our minds and hearts are forced to consider others that find themselves more clearly in the “eye of the storm” than we are. It’s tough to give up our gym lifestyle, or our visit to our favourite coffee shop until we gain perspective by watching footage of the devastation wrought in Italy and Europe. It’s tough to fight the urge to horde, when the herd mentality kicks in and we see others stocking up on items that we may soon need. And it’s easy to criticize those that lead our nations as they steer us through uncharted waters.tired nurse
In all this, heartwarming stories of people that sacrifice for others, restore some of our faith in humanity. Our first line responders, medical professionals and those that work in and around hospitals are the hero’s that we can no longer take for granted. They risk daily exposure to the virus that is forcing us to self-isolate. They go home to their own families; they live with growing uncertainty and they do it day after day. My sister, niece & sister in law are front line medical professionals in the UK and by all accounts, their task is overwhelming.
While it can seem to be somewhat self-absorbed to consider the micro elements of our lives when the macro screams for our attention, there are some things that we can do to make our homes cleaner and safer as we wage the war on Covid-19. I won’t repeat the WHO recommendations and the urging for all of us to “wash hands” and “social distance”, as I trust by now, that we have all got the message. Rather, I will add my voice as a cleaning professional to the other voices out there that are trying to help see us through this unexpected chapter.
  • First of all, check out this CTV news piece featuring my friend and industry expert Lee Senter. Lee and his associate will talk about the importance of targeting and properly cleaning key touchpoints in your home (including your phone!!) http://bit.ly/2wlcUCX
  • Secondly, recognize that cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are not the same! Here is a helpful video that differentiates between the three. https://youtu.be/PBsIHjc3ABc
  • Thirdly, people ask if our residential and cleaning processes for carpets, furniture and tile will help eradicate viruses. While we would never make that claim, most of our cleaning procedures involve high heat and historically, bacteria do not survive under the temperatures that our equipment is able to produce. We continue to work during this crisis, but we do so with the utmost care and caution for both our clients and our trusted employees.
So, we go on, one day at a time, fighting the urge to be fearful while at the same time dutifully engaging in the important self-regulations. Air your houses out for a few hours a day as the weather allows. Unless you are under voluntary or mandatory self-isolation, take a hike outside and enjoy nature. And rather than panic buy, work your way to the bottom of your freezer and use that food first. As we are all forced to live more simple lives, there is a very good chance that we will rethink how we used to live when things return back to normal!
Mike H.