What are Fabric Protectors?

Over the next few months, I will be writing a series of blogs on area rugs that will include a link to SHORT videos that will help you educate your clients regarding maintenance, cleaning and some common irregularities in natural rugs that are often seen (incorrectly!!) as flaws. I have added 2 videos to previous blogs that are linked here:
“Viscose Area Rugs”: https://zebratruck.ca/viscose-area-rugs/
“How to choose…”” https://zebratruck.ca/how-to-choose-the-best-area-rug-for-your-home/

Topics will include:

“How often should rugs be professionally cleaned?”
“Pet urine and rugs”
“Identifying & treating moth & bug damage”.
“How to PROPERLY vacuum area rugs”.
“What is “abrash” and what are “white knots?”
“Understanding Tea Washed Rugs”.
“Is a rug under pad necessary?”

Today I will talk briefly about fibre protectors and how they work specifically with area rugs rather than fabrics, which most of our clients are more familiar with.

Our website has a Q & A section regarding our ZebraSeal Fibre Protection products, but here is a snapshot with regards to Area Rugs.
ZebraSeal interacts and bonds with the fibres of the rug at a molecular level, rather than just providing a temporary, surface protection.
The look and “hand” of the rug is not affected by the application of ZebraSeal.
ZebraSeal will repel spills before they become permanent stains!
The application of a penetrating sealer like ZebraSeal will make the maintenance of an area rug easier and more effective, as the invisible barrier will keep dust and residue higher and more accessible to vacuuming.
ZebraSeal does not have to be reapplied annually, but “topping up” every 2-3 year’s, is recommended.

We see all shapes, sizes and types of area rugs in our rug cleaning plant and I can say with confidence that rugs that have been previously protected clean far more easily and effectively than non-protected rugs.
Happy to chat if you want more info. Thanks for reading!