Area Rug Cleaning Mistakes

Last month we took a bit of a deeper dive into the positive impact of Fabric Protection on area rugs and today I want to highlight the importance of cleaning rugs BEFORE they look like they need it!!
We are creatures of habit and many of us are more typically moved to action by what we see, rather than with what may be happening out of plain sight. It does require discipline to move to a “schedule-based” cleaning system, but the result will be much greater longevity for your valuable rugs.
The Problem: Abrasive Soils!
The attached video, (“The two mistakes made by most rug owners”) does a great job of explaining what happens when dust and soil are left in your rug, but in summary, regular foot traffic grinds the sharp edges of the contaminants into the fibers, scratching and damaging them. Over time, the impact can be significant, as a once beautiful piece of art becomes lifeless and visually worn.
Solution #1: Proper Vacuuming!
The same video explains the danger of both non and wrong vacuuming! Aggressive vacuum beater bars on a wool or fine synthetic rug will almost certainly damage the fibers by causing pulls, breaking the face yarns, and distorting the pile. In most cases, vacuuming sideways across the rug with the beater bar off is the safest and most effective way to vacuum, but the video will show exceptions to the rule.
Solution #2: Scheduled Cleaning!
Off-site rug cleaning includes advanced dust removal techniques using specialized equipment prior to washing, that can immediately transform the look of the rug! I never cease to be amazed by how much dust comes out of the average rug and how differently the rug looks just by dusting alone! The washing process will then complete the removal of the soil and restore the rug ready for reinstallation. (See this video for the rug cleaning process )
We recommend professionally cleaning your Area Rugs every 1-3 years, depending upon the traffic, quality of the rug fibers, and vacuuming habits. In our case, the added value of our 2-year Spot and Spill warranty adds a peace of mind element that our clients love!

I would be happy to chat through this or any other questions you may have.
Thanks for reading!


Area Rug Cleaning

“do you clean area rugs at my home or take them away?”

A good question with a predictable answer: it depends!

While we can effectively clean many rug types on-site, there are additional benefits to off-site cleaning that often make their removal from your home and office the preferred method. Here is a glimpse into the A-Z of the off-site cleaning process…

  • Stage 1: Once your rug is picked up and brought to our facility, it is measured and examined for staining, soiling, and potential fiber compromise.
  • Stage 2: We de-dust the rug with our mechanized Beater system. (it is not uncommon for an 8×10 rug to hold 2-3 pounds of dry soil!!) This helps eliminate loose soil, dust, and other particles that could contain bacteria.
  • Stage 3: Your rug is soaked with water and a mild PH balanced detergent. The entire process is done by hand and gentle mechanical brushing with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. The rug (carpet) is washed in fresh (non-recycled) water.
  • Stage 4: Your rug (carpet) goes through our rinse cycle using approximately 2000 gallons of clean (non-recycled) water per hour to eliminate soap residue, dirt, and soil. This process helps reduce allergy symptoms.
  • Stage 5, your rug is fed through two massive ringers at 140 psi to squeeze the water out of the rug. At this point an inspection takes place. If we are not satisfied with the results we repeat stages 2 through 4 until a satisfactory result is achieved.
  • Stage 6, your rug is hung in our temperature and humidity-controlled, drying tower which helps your rug retain its original shape while drying quickly and eliminating the risk of mold or mildew.
Minimum service charge starts at $195 for pick up and delivery. 30% off if you drop off at our plant.