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Because … cleaning the stripes off the zebra is only half the battle!

“Do these things really work?”

Yes, they really do!

None of us live in cordoned off, museum type homes & offices! We have children and pets and clumsy staff and we all know that accidents happen. We encourage our clients to professionally clean their carpets annually and their furniture bi-annually…. but what about the in-between time?

We have all heard the name “Scotchguard” which is simply a brand name for a topical (surface) protector. Teflon is another well-known brand. Applied to freshly cleaned carpets and furniture, these topical solutions will help repel stains and slow down the resoiling process. However, PENETRATING sealers not only protect the surface of fibers, but they also bond around those fibers to offer a much more effective and long-lasting protection solution.

Q. So what is ZebraSeal?

A. ZebraSeal is the name that we have given to the family of products that we use as part of our Premium Protection Services. We are continually researching product lines that we feel could enhance our client experience and then we painstakingly test those products across multiple platforms before we give them the ZebraSeal stamp of approval!
We do not make false claims or exaggerate the performance capabilities of our products: we apply what we believe are the finest protectants available in the industry today and then educate our clients regarding the maintenance of their textiles and hard surfaces in both residential and commercial applications.

Q. What kind of Warranty do you give with ZebraSeal?
A. While protection products may vary depending on the surface; generally speaking, this is what you can expect with ZebraSeal:

  • ZebraSeal protection products will typically “Beading’ on protected soft and hard surfaces. Your quick response to accidents using the Custom Care Kit and our education tips, will almost always guarantee their removal. If not, we will return and professionally clean the item under our Spot and Spill Limited Service Warranty!


    • Installed Broadloom
      •  1 Year carpet Spot and Spill Limited Service Warranty with our ZebraSeal Topical protector
    • Upholstery and Area Rugs
      •  2 Year Upholstery and Area Rug Spot and Spill Limited Service Warranty with our ZebraSeal Premium Protection (Fiberprotect)
      • * You may qualify to receive a Custom Care Kit for free
  •    Countertops

·       20 Year Long Term Protection for Residential applications

·       10 Year Long Term Protection for Commercial applications 

    Q. Does ZebraSeal stop my furniture or carpets from getting soiled?

    A. ZebraSeal is part of an overall Planned Maintenance Program for homes and offices that includes professional cleaning rhythms! General day-to-day soiling is not the same as a spot or a spill and needs to be removed by regular, professional cleaning; the good news is that these soils are removed far more easily from a ZebraSealed item or area than from an unprotected one!

    Q. How often does ZebraSeal need to be re-applied?

    A. As ZebraSeal products are PENETRATING sealants, they do not necessarily need to be re-applied after professional cleaning as regular topical sealers do. However, common sense tells us, that as an example, a couch that is used daily by children and pets may require more frequent ZebraSeal applications than an item that is rarely used. Other less frequently used items may go through several cleanings before re-application is required, while our stone countertop sealing program requires no additional treatments for 20 years!

    ZEBRASeal* Because … cleaning the stripes off the zebra is only half the battle!