The Cleaning Guy Inc. started as an idea in 1985 with three words beating in the heart of founder Mike Holmes: Quality, Integrity & Service

Mike envisioned a company that would offer an unparalleled service experience and in the early years he worked tirelessly to build a solid foundation and reputation that would provide the framework for that dream.

Today, The Cleaning Guy Inc. stands as a leader in the floor care services industry, shifting consumer perception of the industry as a whole to a much more professional and ecologically responsible one.

We are committed to our mandate: To provide the “most outstanding cleaning experience possible” and to becoming the “finest and most respected company in the floor care services industry in the Greater Toronto Area.”

Please enjoy the experience of learning about our values as you perouse our site. Find out why we are recommended by more than 75 of Toronto’s top carpet retail stores, in addition to many top designers and consultants. Get your essay or any other assignment written by essay writers. Find out why all the major carpet manufactures fully endorse our company and method of cleaning. But more than anything, find out why our clients return year after year to The Cleaning Guy Inc. and why they freely encourage their families and friends to do the same.

Find out about The Cleaning Guy experience!
The Cleaning Guy Inc. is an IICRC Certified Company and follows the IICRC recommended optimum cleaning procedures. To find out more visit their website here.