mike Holmes imageMike Holmes is a master textile cleaner (carpets, area rugs, upholstery) with over 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry. 
Mike is highly recognized by top designers, retailers, and realtors in the GTA and is often asked to speak to industry associations, local business groups, and national trade shows. 

Mike loves to share his knowledge as a textile master but also as an innovator in the cleaning industry in Canada.

carpet cleaning

Area rug cleaning at your home vs at our plant

Why you should never have your area rug cleaning done at your home. We explain the difference between at-home and a cleaning plant. Only let the professionals clean your valuable area rugs....

viscose area rug

What is a Viscose area rug?

Viscose is basically “artificial silk”, but is sold under many names including rayon, man-made silk, art silk, bamboo silk, banana silk, cactus silk, Silkette, etc. ...

Spot RemovalTips

While we are a company that gets our fair share of “opportunities” from “HELP!!!” calls, we also know that there are some things that you as a homeowner can and should do before we arrive...

lady looking at area rugs

Choosing the best area rug for your home

Area Rugs have a life expectancy that is often spelled out on the display samples. However, it stands to reason that a pet-free, retired couple who travel a fair amount, may not unduly stress their floor coverings...

dog chewing bone on carpet

Choosing the best Carpet for your home

The strong argument for broadloom is enhanced by its warmth and attractive properties, as most prefer a soft “feel” underfoot, especially in relaxing areas like bedrooms, family rooms, and basements....

The economics of the carpet industry

Carpet made from synthetic materials (most are), degrades slowly and leaks dangerous chemicals. Additionally, even though burning carpet causes more greenhouses gas emissions than coal, six percent is burned in municipal incinerators and cement kilns….